About Me

Hi, I’m Emma, a mum, an avid creator and eater of food, travel enthusiast and am lucky enough to have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, as an Occupational Therapist!

My passion for helping women arose through a combination of professional and personal experiences. Through many years working in hospital rehabilitation with older women, I saw first hand the effects that childbirth, without appropriate education or intervention, had on their bodies. I witnessed how this led to health issues later in life that were limiting their participation in all of life’s opportunities.

This motivated (scared!) me to do all I could to care for my own body throughout my pregnancy and beyond to ensure I gave myself the best chance of a healthy and fulfilling life after childbirth. I achieved this by using my Occupational Therapy skills, but many mothers I met did not have the same positive experience and had ongoing health issues. There are so many loving mums – giving their absolute best to their children but struggling with psychological or physical limitations and not knowing what actions to take to secure their own wellbeing.

I realised there was a disconnect between the services available for physical and psychological recovery and no guidance on how to incorporate these into the reality of life with a baby. This is when I developed Elevation Women’s Health with the mission to provide exceptional, client centred care that empowers women to live their best life.


Master of Occupational Therapy Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)