• Enjoy the new parent journey and feel less overwhelm
  • Give your baby a great start – happy mum = happy baby
  • Feel confident to get out and about with your baby.
  • Take positive steps to heal your body
  • Live the post baby life you aspire to

Consultations can cover:

  • Tailored advice to set-up your home for safety and efficiency
  • Implementing healthy habits to return your body to optimal health and strength
  • How to complete parenting and household tasks in a way that cares for your body
    • Manage limitations for caesareans and birth injury if applicable
  • Optimising mental health post baby
    • Sleep maximisation strategies
    • Relaxation strategies
    • Managing a change in roles and identity
  • Designing your best life post baby
    • Goal setting that nurtures you and your family
    • Planning for return to work - if that's what you plan to do
    • Flexible family routines - build sustainable habits for your home and your health

All consultations include:

  • Written recommendations
  • Educational material to support your needs
  • Referral to other health professionals if needed
  • Phone / email support to clarify any questions you have in relation to what we covered

Sessions can support you to manage and enjoy day to day life even if you have the following health conditions:

  • Upper limb conditions such as carpel tunnel, de Quervain’s syndrome (mum thumb) and shoulder pain
  • Pelvic floor conditions such as incontinence or painful sex
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Postnatal anxiety & depression
Health condition not listed here? Get in contact with me and I’ll give you an honest answer and if your issue in not within my expertise I may be able to recommend someone who can help you instead.

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A female wearing a baby carrier with a baby in it. Another female is adjusting the baby carrierPersonalised recommendations on how to care for your body and mind following birth

Two females standing at a kitchen sink with a baby bath. They are talking about the baby bathHow to set up your home for safety and efficiency with a baby

A female is sitting on an armchair with a baby. Another female is kneeling and talking to herAdvice on how to complete parenting tasks in ways that support your body and mind