Some say nothing can prepare you for motherhood, but I say you can never be too organised! Having the right information, helpful products and insight into your own needs can make an enormous difference in your enjoyment of this big life transition. I love working with women who want to be proactive about their own health, the care of their baby and who want to continue to live a fulfilling life.

Some ways I can help…

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1st Trimester

Support with information overwhelm

When it comes to pregnancy, everyone, including the internet has an opinion. I can help you determine what you need to know and when and where to find helpful information that aligns with your values.

Managing symptoms of morning sickness Feel awful but still have a life to live? We can discuss how your morning sickness is impacting you (what, when, how) and develop strategies to help you work, rest and play.

Develop personalised self-care plans to support your wellbeing throughout pregnancy and beyond

Effective self-care can be hard to implement but it is vital to know what you personally need in order to be a happy, healthy parent. The earlier you implement practices, the easier it is to maintain lifelong habits that will enable you to live your best life. Looking at a range of individual characteristics we can work together to develop a recipe for wellbeing – one that goes beyond the clichés.

Set up good sleep practices to maximise the sleep you get despite that early pregnancy insomnia

Difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep in early pregnancy are common. Luckily there are a range of actions you can take to reduce the impact on your life and maximise the sleep you get. An important skill for the rest of parenthood!

Support to help you begin to adjust to this big life change

Many women find the first trimester (and beyond) an unexpectedly challenging time. They may have wanted a baby for a long time, or their pregnancy may have come as a surprise. In all cases, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, fearful or feel a lack of excitement during this time. You can talk about your feelings with honesty and we can explore causes (and address them where we can) and whether what you are feeling is normal or whether you would benefit from additional support.

Identify risk factors for perinatal mental health conditions and develop a plan to address these were possible.

There are multiple life circumstances that can place people at risk of perinatal mental health concerns such as post-natal depression. Some of these we can control and some we can’t. I can chat about your personal circumstances and identify if there are actions you can take now to reduce your current and future risk.

Learn how to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

With pregnancy comes a list of new dos and don’ts. We can discuss how you can maintain your strength and fitness while taking care of your growing body. We can discuss ways to use habits and routines to help maintain healthy eating, despite the changes in your appetite and cravings.

Birth service decision making

If you have yet to decide where you want to give birth, I can provide decision-making tools to help make a choice that fits with your personal circumstances. As I have no affiliation with any hospital, I can give you unbiased information so you feel empowered to make the best choice for you.

For those who like to be organised…

We can cover any of the areas usually covered in second and third trimester. You can never be overprepared!

2nd & 3rd Trimester

Get the right baby or pregnancy gear

That pram that your friend loves may not be the best option for you! Much of the marketing for baby / nursery products adopt a one size fits all approach. I can help you determine what you actually need or want; and what features will be important for your personal circumstances. Getting the right equipment for your needs can make life easier, efficient and reduce the chance of ending up with aches and pains.

Continue to live life and get things done, despite pregnancy related aches, pains and discomfort

Pregnancy can be hard work on the brain and body. From my extensive experience working in cognitive and physical rehabilitation, I have lots of strategies on how you can optimise your day to day productivity and enjoyment, despite the challenges. This might be through changing the way you do things, changing the environment you do them in or changing the timing amongst many other options.

Tailored advice on how to set up your home for optimal physical and mental wellbeing post birth

Not all homes and not all people are the same. That’s why it’s important to take an individualised approach to making your home work for you. Our environment is a big driver of our behaviour, our mood and our health and it’s one of the simplest things you can modify to create better outcomes. Most suggestions are free or inexpensive and are easy to implement.

Tips to help you sleep better and position yourself comfortably in bed

Sleep quality has an enormous impact on mood, cognition, and physical health. The good news is that there are simple actions you can learn to maximise your sleep quality. Learning this early, sets you up on the front foot for early parenting where sleep deprivation is a major issue.

Identity any high-risk day to day tasks that may impact your pelvic floor or abdomen

Your core, including your pelvic floor are important for birthing and for supporting your body to complete a range of movements. Knowing how to complete all the things you need to do in a way that is safe will help with your recovery post birth. We can discuss the activities that are important to you and how you can modify them if needed.

Preparing for the motherhood transition

Becoming a parent is one of life’s biggest transitions but just because it’s common, it doesn’t make it easy. Modern parenting is different and has its own unique challenges. For example, many of us are in the workforce and keen to remain in it post baby, with our health and wellbeing intact! I can explore this transition with you, and we can determine what steps would be useful to assist with the transition. Whether it’s having a concrete plan written out for worst case scenarios, knowing what services you may want to access or having a career game plan – there’s always things you can do to make this big transition as smooth and exciting as possible.

Caesarean preparation

If you know you will be having a caesarean, there are many caesarean hacks we can discuss to support you to care for your recovering body. I can suggest equipment (often easily hired), helpful services, a pre-birth to do list and ways to care for your baby, yourself and complete your housework whilst managing your post caesarean medical restrictions such as heavy lifting and bending.

Something not covered here?

As an Occupational Therapist, the areas of your life I can help with are very broad. This is due to the holistic approach of Occupational Therapy and my additional qualifications in Psychology. The above list is not exhaustive so if there’s something you need help with, get in touch or have a look at the pages on the website for ideas. And of course, we can cover any of the topics listed in the first trimester if relevant to you.

Following your session, you will receive:

  • Post-natal Wellness Plan
  • Written recommendations
  • Educational material to support your needs

Have a health condition?

Sessions can support you to manage and enjoy day to day life even if you have the following health conditions:

  • Pregnancy related back pain
  • Upper limb conditions such as carpel tunnel
  • Pelvic Girdle pain – also known as Diastasis of the Symphysis Pubis (DSP), Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), Posterior Pelvic Pain or Pelvic instability
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Severe morning sickness (Hyperemesis)
  • Anxiety & Depression

Health condition not listed here? Get in contact with me and I’ll give you an honest answer and if your issue in not within my expertise, I may be able to recommend someone who can help you instead.

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