Online consultations via telehealth

Elevation Women’s Health is committed to providing high quality support to all Australian women regardless of location. Consultations are conducted using software that is designed for the Australian healthcare environment, and as such meet Australian information privacy and security regulations.

How do online consultations work?

Telehealth consultations are conducted via a secure video platform to provide assessment, education, support and recommendations. The video platform used is compliant with Australian healthcare regulations.

If you are seeking assessment and recommendations regarding your physical home set-up, it is recommended that you use a portable device such as a tablet or mobile phone (rather than a desktop computer) to enable you to virtually walk me though your home environment.

What happens following the appointment?

Following your consultation, your recommendations and education material will be emailed to you. You are also welcome to email or call if you need to clarify any recommendations.

What happens if I need to see someone in person?

If I think you would benefit from a face-to-face assessment or treatment, I will recommend a relevant health professional in your area. I can advise what questions or assessments you should request and provide a written or verbal referral to the health professional as required.

What are the payment options?

Due to the nature of Telehealth, payment is required prior to your appointment. You will be contacted with credit card payment instructions prior to your scheduled consultation. Private Health Insurance companies may not provide a rebate for Telehealth consultations - you should contact your provider in advance to check. A receipt is provided following payment.

What technology do I need to use telehealth?

Your smartphone, tablet or a computer with the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers are compatible with the platform used for consultations. You will be emailed and further instructions prior to your call.

A female sitting on a soft yellow surface holding a mug and using a laptop top. She is smilingConfidential and convenient women's health consultations via telehealth