There are a number of women’s health conditions that benefit from a holistic approach to treatment and management. I love to provide support that is not only based on the latest science but also tailor make strategies to fit in with your own unique lifestyle and goals. My aim is to make myself redundant in your life – no weekly massages for years on end – just equipping you with the tools to make the changes you need to recover from or manage your condition.

Health conditions

My service can support you to manage and enjoy day to day life when you have health conditions such as:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Endometriosis and adenomyosis
  • Persistent / Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • Recovery from surgery including hysterectomy and prolapse
  • Anxiety or depression and other mental health conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer related fatigue or cognitive changes

The aims of my interventions

  • Increase your sense of wellbeing despite your health condition
  • Reduce or eliminate the impact of your health condition
  • Enable you to enjoy and engage the activities (occupations) you love and value
  • Establish an increased feeling of control on your day to day life

What type of interventions do I use?

Treating many of these conditions requires a holistic approach. One that considers your physical body, your mind, your environment, the things you do (occupations) and your routines and habits. All interventions are tailored to your specific needs based on a comprehensive assessment. Some of the ways I might help include:

  • Recommending new ways of doing the things you value or enjoy
  • Suggesting changes to your routines or habits
  • Providing you with different ways to achieve better sleep
  • Looking at the role of your thoughts and feelings
  • Formal assessments of your sensory needs or triggers
  • Pain management education such as how pain works and how you can influence it
  • Ergonomic strategies
  • Modifying your home or work environment to better support your physical, psychological or sensory needs
  • Recommending specific stretches, exercises, activities or equipment
  • Suggest how you can use technology to maximise your physical and mental health
  • Conducting an evaluation of your digital inputs such as social media
  • Teach relaxation strategies such as breathing, mindfulness or calming sensory strategies

All consultations include:

  • Written recommendations
  • Educational material to support your needs
  • Referral to other health professionals if needed
  • Phone / email support to clarify any questions you have in relation to what we covered
  • If you have a referring health professional, feedback to them as appropriate
Health condition not listed here? Get in contact with me and I’ll give you an honest answer and if your issue in not within my expertise I may be able to recommend someone who can help you instead.

Funding options:

A number of medical conditions are eligible for Medicare rebates under Chronic Disease Management services. Speak with your General Practitioner to find out if you are eligible and can access a plan.

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Two females standing in a laundry. One is holding a basket full of washing. The other is holding a towelRecommendations on how to complete everyday tasks with a health condition

A female is standing at the sink using a tap. Another female is standing next to her with her hand on her lower back.Ergonomic advice that helps manage pain conditions such as pelvic or back pain

2 females sitting at a table talking. There is paperwork, a laptop and cups of tea on the tableIn depth planning on how we can address your concerns and work towards your personal goals